Well Women Exams

Well Woman/Pap Smears

FOCUS – Women’s Care
(South Florida Baptist Hospital)

Phone: 813-759-1668
Location: 1509 W. Reynolds Ave., Plant City, FL 33567
Hours: M, W, Th 8:00-4:30; T, 11:00-6:00; Fri 8:00-2:00
Services: Prenatal, postpartum, gynecological care, family planning, education outreach, breast pump rental, lactation counseling, childbirth education, free pregnancy testing. FOCUS is a hospital based midwifery program offered by South Florida Baptist Hospital. Three certified nurse practitioners provide gynecological and obstetrical care under supervision of a physician Medical Director. Women of all ages can receive comprehensive and affordable gynecological services and family planning counseling.
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: Yes
Identification needed: Photo ID, Insurance
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Parental consent for women under age of 18: Yes 
Fees: Call for fees
Accept Medicaid: Yes

Exodus Women’s Center, Inc.

Phone: 813-684-2229
Location: 2701 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd., Tampa, FL 33607
14710 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., Tampa, FL 33613
505 Oakfield Dr., Brandon, FL 33511
Hours: M-F 8:00-5:30
Services: Prenatal, Family Planning, Well Woman Care, Gynecological problems
Referrals: Self or Insurance Company
Appointment needed: Yes
Identification needed: Photo ID and Insurance cards
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Consent for women under age of 18: Yes
Fees: Call for fees
Accept Medicaid: Yes

New Life Center

Phone: 813-239-9166
Location: 400 E. Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd., Tampa, FL 33603
Hours: M, T, W, F 9:00-5:00; Th, 9:00-2:00
Services: Prenatal Care, Family Planning, Well Woman Care
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: Yes
Identification needed: Photo ID, Insurance cards
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Fees: Call for fees–fees vary
Accept Medicaid: Yes

Women’s Health Care

Phone: 813-258-3309
Location: 4 Columbia Dr., Tampa, FL 33606
Hours: T, W, Th 8:00-3:30
Services: Prenatal care, Family Planning and Gynecological care. Physician and certified nurse-midwives on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Referrals: Self or Insurance Company
Appointment needed: Yes
Identification needed: Insurance card and driver’s license
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Sometimes. Patients are asked to bring own translator.
Parental consent for women under age of 18: No
Fees: Fees vary so call for fees. Well Woman Care is $125. Labs are billed. Payment is due at time of treatment.
Accept Medicaid: Yes

A Woman’s Place

Phone: 813-931-1804
Location: 14492 University Cove Place, Tampa, FL 33613
Hours: M-F 9:00-5:00
Services: Provides free pregnancy tests and on-site limited ultrasounds by a certified medical team and health and safety checklists for pregnant women. Provides referrals for medical, employment, housing, social services. Services also include paraprofessional counseling, support groups, education classes for pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and life skills. Maternity and infant clothing and supplies are provided through our Partners Program. Post abortion counseling available.
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: Yes
Identification needed: None
Bilingual staff or Translator available: No
Parental consent for women under age of 18: No
Fees: All services are free
Accept Medicaid: No

GENESIS – Family Care Medical Center

Phone: 813-236-5150 
Location: 5802 N. 30th St., Tampa, FL 33610
Hours: M-F, 8:00-4:30
Services: Emphasis is on high risk pregnancies and gynecological problems. This is the Tampa, General Health Center for Women and Children. Provides prenatal care, Family Planning, Parenting education, Pediatrics, WIC, and counseling. 
Referrals: Yes for high risk pregnancies
Appointment needed: Yes
Identification needed: Photo ID, Insurance cards
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Parental consent for women under age of 18: No
Fees: Call for fees. Special assistance for those who need.
Accept Medicaid: Yes

Health Department, Hillsborough County

Phone: 813-307-8000 Main Phone
Location: 1105 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33602
Floyd Kelton 813-307-8055
4704-B W. Montgomery Ave., Tampa, FL33618
Joyce Ely/Ruskin 813-307-8056
205 14th Ave. SE, Ruskin FL 33570
North Hillsborough 813-307-8053
9827 N. Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL 33615
Plant City 813-307 -8057
302 N. Michigan Ave., #15, Plant City, FL 33566
Sulphur Springs 813-307-8054
8605 N. Mitchell Ave., Tampa, FL 33604
Hours: M-F 8:00-5:00
Services: Offers a variety of preventative health services through outreach, and its health center locations. Provides core public health services which include communicable disease, pediatrics, OB/ G YN services and immunizations. 
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: Call for appointment or may walk-in.
Identification needed: Photo ID, Proof of income
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Require Parental consent for women under age of 18: No
Fees: Medicaid and sliding fee
Accepts Medicaid: Yes

Suncoast Community Health Center

Phone: 813-349-7800
Location: 2814 14th Ave. SE, Ruskin, FL 33570
Dover 813-349-7700 14618 SR 574, Dover FL 33527
Plant City Family Care 813-349-7700
508 N. Maryland Ave., Plant City, FL 33566
Hours: M, W, Th, F, 7:00-5:00; Tu, 9:00-7:00
Services: Provides health care for people who need, but can’t afford, basic medical services; comprehensive primary and dental care: Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Mid-wives, Doulas. Pediatrics, pharmacy; (Ruskin and Dover clinics), x-rays (Ruskin and Dover clinics). Suncoast collaborates with various organizations to provide services which include Lifetime Mobile Bus, USF physicians to read ultra-sounds, and speakers who come to clinics to educate patients. Once enrolled in the program, the primary care center will become patient’s "medical home" where they will go for any health need that is not an emergency. Suncoast fills in paper work for tubal ligations done at Tampa, General Hospital. 
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: No 
Identification needed: Picture ID if possible, (they have a digital camera if patient does not have picture ID), Proof of income (if no pay stub, then something written on paper by employer). 
Parental consent for women under age 18: Yes
Fees: There are various classes of fees. Call for fees. Also a sliding fee.
Accept Medicaid: Yes

Tampa, Community Health Centers

Phone: 813-866-0930
Location: 2402 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Tampa, FL 33610 (Administration)
Lee Davis Health Clinic 813-272-6240
3402 N. 22nd St., Tampa, FL 33605
North Tampa, Health Clinic 813-866-0950
1229 E. 131st Ave., Tampa, FL 33612
Peter Davis Health Clinic 813-248-6263
1401 E. 22nd Ave., Tampa, FL 33605
Sine Domus Health Center 813-490-1957
N. Florida Ave. #30, Tampa, FL 33602
Tampa, Family Health Clinic 813-490-1957
1514 N. Florida Ave., #300 Tampa, FL 33602
West Tampa, Health Clinic 813-490-1426
2103 N. Rome Ave., Tampa, FL 33607
Hours: M-F 8:00-5:00. Some of the clinics have extended hours to 7:00 on certain days. Call individual sites for further information.
Services Provided: Provides primary healthcare services to the underserved and underprivileged citizens of North Central Tampa,. Includes pap smears, gynecological, family planning, diabetes, dental.
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: No. Call or walk-in. 
Identification needed: Photo ID, Insurance cards, Social Security and income verification or verification of homelessness. 
Parental consent for women under 18: No
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Fees: Sliding fee scale. Free to non-funded homeless clients.
Accept Medicaid: Yes 

Judeo-Christian Clinic

Phone: 813-870-0395
Location: 4118 N. MacDill Ave., Tampa, FL 33607
Hours: M-F, 9:00 -5:00
Services: This clinic sees only those patients who have no other resources for health care needs. Individuals cannot have any kind of health insurance. It is necessary for client to arrive between 9:00-5:00 M-F to determine eligibility and fill out necessary paperwork. Gross income must fall within certain guidelines. Outpatient services are on a first-come, first serve basis. Services include: general medical clinics, pediatrics, asthma and allergy, gynecology, dermatology, pharmacy, podiatry, eye care (including glasses at a nominal fee) dental (simple, extractions only) Hepatitis C screening, and dietetic and nutritional counseling. Occasionally a patient’s needs exceed the clinics capability and the patient is then referred to an appropriate specialist or facility; and is seen at no charge. Staff are volunteer doctors and nurses.
Referral: Self
Need appointment: No–first come served. Bring a book as it can be a long wait.
Identification needed: Photo ID and a month’s worth of paycheck stubs.
Parental consent for women under age of 18: Yes
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Fees: None except for eye glasses.
Accept Medicaid: No

Red Crescent Clinic

Phone: 813-246-5009
Location: 7328 E. Sligh Ave., Tampa, FL 33610
Hours: T, Th, Fri, Sat, 10:00-5:00; W, 8:00-3:00
Services: Provides free primary medical care for uninsured low income citizens which includes prenatal care and treatment for chronic diseases as. Staff are all volunteers–physicians and nurses. 
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: No, but encouraged to call.
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes.
Parental consent for women under age of 18: Yes
Fees: No fees
Accept Medicaid: No

Center for Family Health

Phone: 813-237-6988
Location: 912 E. Sligh Ave., Tampa, FL 33604
Hours: M, T, W, 8:30-4:00; S, 8:30-12:30
Services: Provides free health care to persons who meet eligibility requirements designed under the Volunteer Health Provider Program. Services include general medical and gynecological services. Most doctors and staff bilingual and interpreters are available on-site for the Spanish speaking population.
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: No
Identification needed: Photo ID, last 2 check stubs for all people who work.
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Parental consent for women under age of 18: Yes
Fees: None or donation
Accept Medicaid: No

Brandon Outreach Clinic

Phone: 813-654-1388
Location: 517 N. Parson’s Ave., Brandon, FL 33510
Hours: M-9:00-5:00; T-8:00-2:00; W-12:00-8:00
Services: This clinic serves East Hillsborough County and provides free medical care and pharmacy services to whose without insurance and who meet financial qualifications. Office visits are by appointment only. No walk-ins accepted. Emergencies are routed to the hospital. There is no obstetrics or family planning. Pediatric care and medications are provided. Specialty referrals are provided.
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: yes
Identification needed: Photo ID, Income tax records, 8 weeks of income, 2 weeks of bank statements.
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Limited
Parental consent for women under age of 18: Yes
Fees: None
Medicaid Accepted: No

Hillsborough Healthcare

Phone: 813-272-5555 Administrative Offices
Location: 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. 25th Floor
Tampa, FL 33602
Hours: M-F, 8:00-5:00
Services: Provides primary care to US Citizens or documented legal residents who are not eligible for any other health care coverage, including Medicare and Medicaid. Net monthly household income after taxes must be at or below 100% of the federal poverty level. Applications must be made in person at a neighborhood service center. There are four networks providing primary care at several clinics strategically located in the county. There are hundreds of participating referral specialists in the networks as well as a full array of diagnostic and hospital services. Hillsborough HealthCare also covers prescriptions dental, home health and other medically necessary services. 
Referrals: Self. Must apply in person at a neighborhood service center.
Appointment needed: No
Identification needed: Call to find what is needed.
Parental consent for women under 18: Yes
Bilingual staff or translators available: Yes
Fees: None except for $1.00 for prescriptions.
Accept Medicaid: No

Catholic Charities Pregnancy Plus Medical Support Services

Phone: 813-631-4370 x 222
Location: 2021 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa, FL 33612
Hours: M-F 9:00-5:00
Services: Comprehensive services to adolescents, women and families facing issues of sexuality, pregnancy and responsibility of parenting. Services include free confidential pregnancy testing, maternity and infant supplies, prenatal education classes, infant parenting classes, adoption information, and emergency food items.
Referrals: Self
Appointment needed: Walk-ins or appointment
Identification needed: None
Parental consent needed for women under 18: No
Bilingual staff or Translator available: Yes
Fees: None
Accept Medicaid: No